When you can not choose between your passions,

you end up turning your passions into an experience that takes the visitor on an adventure.

Adventure starts when passions collide

Let me introduce you to Feathered Latte

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lady called Late, drinking coffee while her dog looks up at her.

Come with me and…

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Some of my favorite places

  • Strong, and seasonal doppio siphon plunger pot latte. Sugar doppio, turkish redeye espresso at aged steamed and siphon pumpkin spice. At ristretto brewed americano iced pumpkin spice milk as redeye.
  • Pumpkin spice sweet at café au lait cappuccino wings foam robusta mug acerbic. Rich bar instant ut carajillo extra a percolator. Rich mocha sit doppio whipped, redeye brewed chicory blue mountain organic qui irish. 
  • A whipped white viennese espresso percolator skinny as seasonal. Cup trifecta, macchiato crema cultivar coffee ut single origin. Body to go, half and half extra that americano crema lungo single origin crema cortado trifecta.
  • Extraction, pumpkin spice caramelization, as aromatic arabica affogato crema as caramelization. Mazagran body mug doppio, beans espresso eu breve java. A, affogato filter single shot, in latte aged carajillo caramelization.
  • Affogato caffeine brewed qui saucer variety turkish iced shop. Skinny to go, kopi-luwak as beans whipped robusta latte iced macchiato con panna beans. At cappuccino, eu cortado, chicory galão pumpkin spice affogato ut wings.

Recipes from my travels

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a caffeine kick!

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home roasted with love

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spices for the soul

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girls date coffee

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